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All songs written, performed & recorded by Mitchell Charles in his Franklin Canyon studio.

Mastered by Ron Boustead, Resolution Mastering.


The butterhorse


I would like to thank the following talented artists for helping me with The Butterhorse

Janet Robin

My guitar coach extraordinaire and dear friend. Janet’s been a great inspiration and has given me invaluable feedback on my songs. I encourage everyone to check out and, her acoustic trio. If you get the chance, go see The String Revolution live!

Greg Safel

Greg’s guidance and coaching has gone far beyond teaching me the fundamentals and nuances of singing. Greg has taught me how to give my songs and my vocal performances heart and emotion.

Rob Seals

Rob Seals – Rob’s passion and knowledge of the songwriting craft is unsurpassed. For anyone interested in exploring their own songwriting journey, please check out The Songwriting School of Los Angeles.

Jay Asher

For teaching me digital engineering and post-production and his keen musician’s ear. Jay has been instrumental guiding me through the recording and mixing process.

Frank Dibble

Frank and I have collaborated on graphic designs going back to my motion picture studio marketing days at 20th Century Fox. Frank’s beautiful artwork for the Butterhorse captures the spirit of 1960’s psychedelic rock art that I passionately collect in my home and my recording studio.

Rob Mullins

For teaching me the essence of jazz and blues piano.