Mitchell Charles - The Butterhorse


The world is shifting, aimlessly drifting
We’re all casting blame
Once was prosperity, now is disparity
Leaders feel no shame
Will it take a revolution? A soul evolution
How did we lose our way?
A great society headed for anarchy
Truth left unsaid, darker days ahead

Streets are restless, violence senseless
A nation mired in fear
Unrest and pandemic, corruption systemic
The time for change is here
Unjust prosecution inciting retribution
The path is seemingly clear
Stop the insanity, embrace our humanity
Truth left unsaid, darker days ahead

Like it or not, the world is changing
It’s time to stop the endless shaming
Don’t look to others for solutions
Stand up and make your contribution

A nation reeling, in need of healing
No matter blue or red
Time for harmony and equality
Hatred and prejudice shed
Renounce our entitlement, aspire to enlightenment
Face the challenges ahead
Embrace our humanity, reach for our destiny
Truth must be said, brighter days ahead

If the truth’s left unsaid, they’ll be darker days ahead
Truth must be said, brighter days ahead